Saturday 25 February 2012

Dumping SoundCloud for MixCloud

I signed up to a few years back however until very recently I didn't upload an content. And I discover it's not completely free. Fair enough that it isn't but at the same time their pricing isn't cheap either. 

In search of an alternative I came across which it. It's not as advanced as and the experience is a little sticky but it does a solid job in it's core functionality and is free. 

Find my mixes there

Audacity, software to record and edit your mix

Recent post being evidence, I've got back into the occasional mix session. Initially impressed by and particularly their mobile app which allows one to record and upload a mix all directly from your mobile. However I came across an issue, when recording via the headphone/mic socket built-in mic doesn't get muted resulting in a really crappy recording.

Therefore back to the good old laptop it was. Now I need some recording software obviously and came across Audacity, a free audio recording and editing application. I was expecting something basic however pleasantly surprised.

Get the job done, check it out.

Monday 20 February 2012

Sunday Mix Session: UK Garage Memories 1

This weekend I felt like pulling out a few of the old UK Garage tunes. End up throwing a few 4x4 beats in between the 2-step. There's a bit of MJ Cole, DEA Crew, Brasstooth, E.S Dubs, and Jaimeson in the mix bring you up to around 2003 I believe.

Hope you enjoy the set and it brings back a few memories for you too!

UK Garage Memories 1 - DJ SL

Sunday 5 February 2012

Sunday Mix Session: Old Skool Jungle Refit

Been off the map for a while, the decks have been gathering dust.

12 years ago I needed the latest PC hardware, editing software, my own web server, and hours to convert and upload a mix. Before broadband we had to use CDs - even before that cassette tapes - imagine that.

Today Soundcloud squares off the hosting and their app on my Galaxy Nexus lets me record and upload in 3 clicks. The mix was up on the web about 5min after I finished mixing! All that just using my mobile phone! Facebook and Twitter take care of the sharing. Amazing!

So here it is and hopefully one of many to come.

Old Skool Jungle Refit - DJ SL