Wednesday 20 February 2008

iTunes for Windows Mobile 6

I want iTunes for my windows mobile! I don't want to buy a iPod because i don't listen to music on the go that often and don't want to/need to carry another device. I don't want a iPhone because it costs money and functionally isn't what I want. I do however want to use iTunes Store to download music because there is a wide range of music available and it makes it very easy to find, preview and buy music. Not every tune is available as a "Plus" download and they cost more, I don't see why I should have to pay more to get DRM free downloads.

Surely I cannot be alone on this! I want to be able to listen to my music, which I have paided for, on the go, on my windows mobile device. 90% of the time people brun to CD and re-rip or use QtFairUse to free their music and get them on to an alternative player. So why not reduce the need for this by releasing iTunes for Windows Mobile? It would probably go a little way to help reduce piracy.

I have found some references back in 2005 of people blogging about iTunes for Windows Mobile 5 like here . There hasn't been any download info of follow ups so assume this was a hoax.

Come on Apple sort it out!!!!!!


Kat said...

not a hoax, i downloaded the itunes for windows mobile probably two or three years ago. it used to be available on the apple itunes download site but the link has disappeared/

Reiseberichte von Sabine und Wolfgang said...

search for pocket tunes (2 Versions: basic or deluxe). It's shareware

Unknown said...

I downloaded it from my source, where I take all the programs with out problems. I'll tell you a secret, of my storage. You do not need to download iTunes from the official website of Apple. I found another way, here is a iTunes portable latest download. For convinient using to every day.